"After suffering a horrible chain of events last year, I was drowning in a depression. Thank God, there are psychologists like Lisa. After 5 months with her, I feel at peace with myself again."

Simon N.

"Thank you for your help! It has drastically changed my whole life. Lisa is extremely friendly, careful, and attentive to details. I am going to continue my treatment here. I would highly recommend!"

Jennifer H.

"Lisa is a wonderful doctor with her unique style and contribution to my experience here. She taught me how to overcome any difficulties with ease. She made my life stress-free and peaceful. Thanks a lot!"

Thomas P.

«Lisa works with people who are emotionally closed or troubled, professing her skills that are extremely intuitive, compassionate, and relaxing. However, she can also sort out the essence of the problem with great kindness.»

David S.

«Lisa was the person who helped me to get through one of the roughest periods of my life. Her kind advice and empathic counseling were just what I needed then!»

Jeff M.

«Lisa Novak is a vibrant and enthusiastic therapist. She is well-trained and has a successful real-life experience. She was able to help our family get back on track and rebuild our communication dynamics properly.»

Elaine C.